GO Contacless, Adopt CCTV!

By Sudhindra Holla, Director, Axis Communications, India & SAARC | Monday, 07 September 2020, 05:11 IST

GO CONtactless, Adopt CCTC!

We have already crossed more than 130+ days of being in a new normal where one thing that has changed completely is the structure of traditional business operations. The pandemic has brought about societal and organizational transformations. This is a year where we are encountering many firsts with new lifestyle changes.  As the world is beginning to reopen, employees want more than just a paycheque – they expect employers to care about their well-being while delivering positive outcomes for customers and society.

While the pandemic has taken the centre stage, the year 2020 will also be known for the hyper-agility of the leaders of today and tomorrow setting an example of the future of workspace by using the right skillsets, and empathetic qualities to drive the future of hope, progression, and promise. The leaders will have the dual role of front ending the business operations while taking care of their employees.

The Metamorphosis of Change

We are at the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, most definitely known as the Industry 4.0, where the revolution is inevitable and responsible for a tremendous metamorphosis in business dynamics just as synonym to the previous Industrial Revolutions that ushered in mechanization, brought in electricity, mass production, and assembly lines and introduced computers and automation. As we descend more deeply into the new world of Industry 4.0, smart factories, connected machines, and intelligent robots are not only changing our workplace but also administrative functions like that of a city management. The pandemic has brought about long-lasting behavioural changes and businesses and industries are altering their operational structure in very significant ways. The de-facto importance is the viability of the firm to phase swiftly from Pre-COVID to Post-COVID situation. Organizations are looking at enhanced collaboration tools and communication capabilities, that will accelerate the change soon.

CCTV- The Dark Horse of the New Normal

Organizations are limitlessly adopting new technologies like AI, ML, IoT, Big Data and automation to bring about the change in business operations.  But one technology that not only ushered this revolution but has changed the way of living the new normal, are the CCTV cameras – what we most eloquently call “the dark Horse of the Technology”.

Going back to 1940s, when Siemens AG installed the first CCTV system in Peenemunde, Germany in 1942 during WWII to observe the launch of V2 rockets, it was primarily used for the military. Since then network cameras of today have come a long way to be one of the most trusted technology that touches upon all works of lives - public, personal and commercial, as the long-standing confidante, securing millions of individuals. The news of increasing adoption of advanced CCTV cameras among civic authorities are interceding in many smart city monitoring projects.

The typically used crime prevention tool has widened its scope pervading to city authorities for proper management of cities to business leaders for fulfilling goals and taking care of their employees. In these uncertain and unprecedented times, one thing that has gained the maximum prominence, is the way CCTVs have helped the nation with its irreplaceable quality of supporting city surveillance in social distancing and care units, manufacturing and commercial establishments.

It has changed the way businesses were operated. Airports are using CCTVs with facial recognition capabilities to manage smooth functioning of operations and verifications for passengers starting from entry to boarding the flight, while they are still wearing a mask. Sectors like Government, Traffic Authorities, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing and Commercial Establishments are using methods to manage crowd and monitor the well-being of the citizens and the employees, while maintaining social distancing guidelines. All with the help of CCTVs.

The Holy-Communion of Advanced Technologies

Organizations are looking at solutions that avoid any sort of contact. A complete solution that offers an integrated solution is the key ask. Applications like AI/ML, automation, facial recognition, IoT sensors, Video Analytical capabilities are gaining momentum. Together integrated with CCTV cameras is the need of the hour. This helps its human counterpart contactless options but also gives analytical insights. While human will use these insights to augment their experiences for better and safer city management. They will use empathy, critical thinking and humane values to decide and act. That is the power of the human-machine combination.

Cyber Security is De-facto Importance

Cyber-attacks are another aspect that is significantly increasing due to the pandemic – enterprises must opt for a more reliable and robust surveillance solution that secures the data as well. With increase in data centres, more so the private data centres, organizations must look at more unified solutions that secure both premises and people as well as the data while aligning to the GDPR compliances and India’s data privacy policy. They should look at products and solutions that comes with a solid a no backdoor policy – that secures loopholes and reduces malicious interruptions and exploitations by 3rd party.

Surveillance to Reign High in India

Even though India is a price sensitive market and security will continue to be the most premium component of our society, CCTV and surveillance will be a companion to trust in.  The shift from analog video network connection, to network video is evident and now it has moved to prioritizing cameras that provide solutions for business resilience. As the world is phasing out  to the new normal , organizations, both in public and private sector, are looking at solutions that will give them real time analytics to monitor and fast track measures that caters to employee safety while resuming the business activity.