IL&FS Technologies: Assisting Governments with Ready-to-deploy Service Delivery Smart Solutions

CIO Vendor Governments across the world are facing unique, deeper and unprecedented challenges across the world. Interesting trends are observed in citizen service delivery as a response to these challenges. With a strong foothold to mitigate these governmental challenges, Gurgaon headquartered IL&FS Technologies Limited (ITL) delivers consultancy, robust network and manages end-to-end complete IT solutions, with an unrivalled commitment to customer service and satisfaction to the government service subscribers. ITL has a peculiar portfolio of delivering solutions through flexible business models such as transaction based pricing, outcome based pricing to facilitate adoption of newer technologies, SPVs with customers, and total outsourcing in BOOT/ BOT/BOO models.

Delivering citizen services, the company has a commendable record both, in India and SE Asia with 90 percent of the projects being citizen facing projects availing a myriad of services both statewide and countrywide.

ITL has delivered numerous projects over the years, one of which being the Bhamashah program for the state of Rajasthan. The project helped the state government to fulfill their objective to achieve Direct Benefit Transfer and social inclusion, there by touching a huge number of lives. Similar, the company has worked with multiple state governments to successfully deliver the project for a single integrated portal for all citizen services. As a result, the departments achieved functional efficiency, and ability to implement citizen charter and measure performance and accountability.Integrating smart technologies with everyday public Infrastructure helps authorities overcome some hurdles associated with basic services like traffic management, public safety, waste management, parking, public transport, and public utilities.
Digitizing Land Records

Given the fact that Land is more than just a key asset of any nation, its vulnerability against man made and natural disasters such as fraud, duplication, misplacement, fire, floods and the disintegration of paper can put billions of land records at risk. ITL’s Land Records Information System or LRIS makes the record maintenance processes more streamlined and efficient by complete digital conversion and automation of land documents with standardized protocols and practices, including linking the isolated isles of all registrations of deeds. “A comprehensive suite of checks and balances -including a mapping system that automatically detects defective and duplication of title- shores up the security factor”, asserts Durga Prasad, CEO, ILFS Technologies.

ITL has created an ecosystem of partners for designing smart solutions such as ITMS, surveillance, Smart Parking, Smart urban mobility

ITL has created an ecosystem of partners for designing smart solutions such as ITMS, surveillance, Smart Parking, Smart urban mobility, Smart poles and smart solid waste management. This smart city solution provider’s value proposition to the city authorities is its ability as a System Integrator to aggregate and deploy the aforementioned cutting edge solutions in the Indian parameters.

Presently, ITL is investing in developing capabilities to integrate IT and OT (Operational Technology) to deliver an Integrated Command & Control center for city authorities to not only monitor but take actions in real time, thus breathing life into the true sense of a Smart City.