Intelizon: Nurturing the Energy Ecosystem with In-Built Lithium Ion Battery Technology

CIO Vendor The carbon footprint has only increased over the years due to toxic smoke and fumes released into the atmosphere. The environmental pollution contributed by industries and factories has led to a rise in respiratory related diseases across the globe. The strong coal /oil based lobby has limited the renewable energy penetration. Hyderabad headquartered Intelizon has been designing solar LED lighting power products for rural and urban markets worldwide. Intelizon’s inbuilt Lithium Ion battery based solar street lights solutions are much more reliable than the conventional lead acid based streetlights and provides a wireless lighting solution thereby cutting down the costs associated with cabling and maintenance.

Cities are looking to integrate technological dynamism into municipal operations from transportation to infrastructure and more. Standalone solar streetlights do not require expensive underground cabling and are independent of the grid. Zonstreet with its inbuilt lithium ion battery and advanced features is an ideal smart outdoor lighting solution. It provides a reliable wireless outdoor lighting solution ideal for greenfield urban and remote rural areas. Key features include inbuilt, maintenance free lithium ion battery that can avoid theft; self autonomy long hours of backup even on cloudy days and GSM for remote monitoring and control. Future enhancements will include CCTV for security and weather sensing modules ideal for smart city deployments.

Social Impact
The rural areas and gram panchayats across India and Africa have been the victim to most of the power cuts and shortages. Following a visit to Ratnagiri, Maharashtra in early 2012 by Intelizon’s channel partners and a demo of the products, the gram panchayats were impressed and decided to deploy Intelizon’s lithium ion battery
powered street lights. Around 1500 Zonstreet lights were installed by the end of the year across the villages of Maharashtra. Satisfied with the on field operation and performance of these lights, the gram panchayats recently awarded Zonstreet with 5 years reliability and on-field performance certificate (one of the first in the world).

Intelizon is a system designer and focuses on integrating the best available technologies

As consumers demand higher functionality and faster charging in their electronic devices, lithium-ion cell manufacturers must increase energy density correspondingly. Intelizon is a system designer and focuses on integrating the best available technologies in providing state of the art solutions to the customers. “We use the highest energy density and reliable lithium ion cells to create our battery packs and then integrated them inside the luminary casing”, adds Dr. Kushant Uppal, Founder and MD, Intelizon. The separate solar panel is installed facing south for maximum efficiency.

For Intelizon, focus has always been on the energy ecosystem, to provide the best in class system efficiency through source and load management while combining it with reliable electronics to maintain the balance of the system. Besides, Intelizon’s products create a triple impact social (providing light especially in rural /remote areas), environmental (low carbon footprint) and economic (savings on electricity). With a vision to create a world of smart energy,Intelizon is determined to become a global leader in lithium ion based solar DC systems for indoor and outdoor applications by integrating communication technologies like WiFi and GSM. Zonstreet is already the first choice of many corporates for their inhouse requirements to CSR programs. Similarly it has caught the interest of builders of new apartments, villas, college,school, hospital campuses and gram panchayats.