TabLab by iDream Education: Providing Smart, Personalized and Student Centric Digital Learning to Schools

CIO Vendor Today, the students and parents are exploring digital learning on smartphones and tablets at home, and therefore along with Smart Boards it is important for schools to upgrade themselves and digitally engage the students at a personal level.

iDream Education works to setup Smart Classrooms & Personalized Learning on tablets in schools and app based learning at home with connection to the teachers for reports and guidance.

By integrating a student centric perspective, iDream Education helps schools to happily and proactively engage the students with digital learning and growth.

The company is facilitating interactive digital learning not only to the best of private schools but also to government schools and CSR projects. Google India has recognized iDream Education and its flagship solution, TabLab for-‘Impacting Change through Digital’.

Tablab – An easy way to setup and use tablets in Schools
The company’s flagship solution is the TabLab. Talking about the key features of TabLab, Puneet Goyal, Founder of the company says, “TabLab has three components Hardware, Digital Content & the Reporting Platform; and each of them solves certain challenges faced by schools to manage, use and derive regular learning value from tablets.”

Hardware: The TabLab trolley doesn’t need a separate room or additional furniture and is very easy to set up. It charges all the tablets from a single charging socket while they are safely locked inside the cabinet.

Digital Content - The tablets have multimedia animations, project videos, a digital book library and assessments as per the board and language preferences.

Reporting Platform – The learning platform is specially designed to work
offline, store student wise usage reports and periodically auto sync it to the school’s central reporting dashboard.

Digital Content for Smart Class
iDream Education offers interactive digital content from Classes 1st to 12th for all subjects including Math, Science, English, Social Sciences, Commerce & Computers.

The Smart Class content has been designed based on Bloom’s Taxonomy and connects conceptual understanding to applied learning via real life animated situations.

The Content can be installed on computers, laptops and servers in schools to be used via projectors and Smart boards for best of Smart Teaching.

By integrating a student centric perspective, iDream Education helps schools to happily and proactively engage the students with digital learning and growth

iPrep Practice App - A Personalized practice app for schools and tutors
iDream Education has recently launched the iPrep Practice App, an app which offers personalized practice with instant feedback for classes 1st to 10th in Math, Science and English subjects. The app helps students to master every topic, take topic wise tests and full syllabus tests with performance review, with all reports coming to the teachers and school management.

The Student app is connected to iPrep Coach, a specially designed app for teachers to access reports, assign topics and easily guide students anytime.

With TabLab, Smart Class Content and the iPrep Practice App, iDream Education is committed to take Smart & Personalized digital learning to future ready schools and students.