Inon™Technologies: Bringing Digital Education to the Masses

CIO Vendor The global Smart Classroom market is undergoing a rapid growth and is expected to witness increasing adoption across the globe in coming years. Increase in demand for the interactive boards that handle the media content, digital display, rise in demand for student learning management are few of the major factors that have been responsible for the market’s growth.

However, in India with about 1.3 million schools, just about 10 percent of the private schools are utilizing the benefits of digital learning tools and technologies. Still, most of the rural areas are alienated from the digital classrooms and its benefits, creating a vast difference in the teaching and learning standards across the country. Inon Technologies, with its socio economic approach has helped in bridging the gap by providing the latest Digital learning benefits to the rural and tier-2/3 towns, and has been pioneering in the efforts to provide highly affordable digital classroom with digital hardware and software solutions to schools, NGOs and institutions at all levels.

Inon’s highly professional team of experts and consultants has ensured robust technology delivery and a highly evolved Digital learning content for educational institutions at the grass roots. With a social conscious approach, Inon has currently enabled Smart Campus Solutions for numerous schools for Private, Government and non profit sectors.

“Most schools are either unaware or ill equipped with the knowledge on various technological solutions available that would help provide high quality education to their students and bridge the gap,” states Aravinda Krishnamurthy, Co-founder, Products & Business Relations of Inon Technologies, Strategy & Growth of Inon Technologies. Inon Technologies provides an end to end smart campus solution to schools that includes a
regionalized, high definition digital content with great hardware set-up for the classrooms. The company also offers Digital Library, Robotics Lab Solutions, a highly comprehensive School Management System Solution and much more.

With clearly demonstrated benefits of Digital Education Inon’s key focus has been to take our FutureClass™ digital content to the remotest places and ensure right to quality education

“With clearly demonstrated benefits of Digital Education, Inon’s key focus has been to take our FutureClass™ digital content to the remotest places and ensure right to quality education,” states Shoban Babu, Co founder.

Future Class Digital Campus Solutions
Inon offers complete Smart Class Campus solution encompassing digital hardware setup along with Inon’s “FutureClass” Digital content; mobile platform for students, School management Solution and Digital Library. The Passionate Founders, giving a glimpse of their future projects, highlight, “Futuristically, Inon envisions on adding a comprehensive education focused community forum, leveraging robotics, AR/AI, and building next generation smart campuses so as to come up with innovative products across India.”

“With states and central governments complementing their traditional classrooms with a digital one along with most private schools experiencing the benefits of technology in education, the market is set to register a growth of more than 30 percent in next 2 years,” signs off Inon, Co-founder, Strategy & Development, Gurruraj Dhankss.