Nexus Techno Consultants: Integrated Project Management Services for Urban Planning

CIO Vendor Urban Planning is one of the most crucial aspects of any country's development plans since it involves the development and efficient use of land, public welfare, and ensures the safety of the environment. Urban planning is a heterogeneous and complicated process that consists of utility systems, infrastructures, distribution chains, and communication networks, and numerous other processes and systems.

Most urban planners are adopting urban planning software and services to handle such intricate processes and conceptualize urban designs and plan layouts. With growing urbanization, the need to manage infrastructure and assets is prompting countries across the world to invest in smart city projects and clients today are looking for consultants who offer project management services for urban planning and solutions to challenging projects and services.

One such complete service project delivery consultancy based in Pune, Maharashtra, which offers integrated project management services for Urban planning, Transportation Engineering, Road Bridges, and Highway Buildings is Nexus Techno Consultants (NTC). The company has a wide range of resources and expertise which offer comprehensive and single umbrella solutions to technically challenging projects and services from planning to construction, for local and national government projects, international financing institutions, private sector owners, contractors, and public sector institutions. NTC has a Strategic Business Alliance with various Laboratories, Technical Institutes, and Architecture firms of repute, comprising Architects & Urban Planners.

NTC is an award-winning, modern, dynamic and responsive multi-disciplined engineering consultancy. The company delivers business services to the road transport and urban development industry with an emphasis on collaborative working and sustainable design solutions.
Optimized & Innovative State-of-the-Art Designs
NTC also provides optimized and innovative state-of-the-art designs utilizing specialized expertise currently used in developed countries for the design and rehabilitation of roads and highway structures, which can be locally adapted for economic constructability.

"We are focused on maintaining diligent communication lines with clients to sustain long-lasting business relationships with best engineering ethics. The plans are set, goals are defined, and methods are devised to accomplish projects' requirements within the set budget and schedule", affirms Priya Pawar, Director, Nexus Techno Consultants.

We are focused on maintaining diligent communication lines with clients to sustain long-lasting business relationships with best engineering ethics

"Striking the delicate balance between conserving planet Earth's wealth of resources and serving our projects' demanding engineering needs constitutes the core of NTC's operating philosophy from the outset. Our green engineering systems are designed to systematically respect the natural constraints of our planet and preserve its beauty, whilst developing energy-efficient systems that integrate favourably with our obligations towards our client base", she adds.

The European Framework Program of Responsible Research & Innovation
NTC adheres to the European framework programme of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) which takes into account the potential positive impacts of innovative research on the Environment and society. With this policy Nexus Techno Consultants is committed to developing new technology in the domain to serve the Environment cause.

"Moving ahead, we aspire for a leading global market position by delivering world-class engineering consultancy services, reinforcing worldwide corporate alliances, and upholding top-tier quality and ethical standards as the firm's backbone of progressive growth", concludes Priya.