10 Most Promising Smart Classroom Solution Providers - 2019

10 Most Promising Smart Classroom Solution Providers - 2019

In this age of digitization, technology has altered the way we perceive things and has transformed the traditionaleducation methods through modern and student centric visualization approach, generating greater interest and attention in learners. Smart classrooms that are intended to bridge the teacher-student learning gaps are at the helm today. The growing influence of smartphones, rising inclination towards digital learning and push for developing unconventional methods to teach more effectively are driving the smart classroom trend. Smart classrooms empowered with rich infrastructure and interactive courses enable for better concept analysis, and improvement in communication skills. By improving the quality of teaching, smart classroom solutions help to enhance the student learning experience, albeit not so economically in every case. Hence, smart selection of the vendor by making a wise decision plays a vital role in the successful implementation of Smart Classroom Solutions.

Considering the implications and observing the trends as well, CIOReviewIndia has come up with a list of “10 Most Promising Smart Classroom Solution Providers”. A distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and the CIOReviewIndia editorial team has meticulously researched and closely scrutinized these companies analyzing the above features. We believe that the listing given by us will bring in a better clarity for the education stakeholders to take right decisions that will help them build smart environment wherein every learner is given equal opportunity to learn, think and grow.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 10 Most Promising Smart Classroom Solution Providers - 2019.

Top Smart Classroom Solution Providers

Cover Story
Company Name Company Description
Code and Pixels Delivers a comprehensive suite of digital solutions providing content that is mapped with the prescribed syllabus to convert the conventional classrooms into digital classrooms
Company Spotlight
Company Name Company Description
Tech Ocean Delivers a comprehensive suite of technology solutions for Interactive Classrooms market through a team of presales, post sales, project implementation and support experts
Company Name Company Description
Coretouch Offers an array of smart class solutions like interactive whiteboards, interactive touch panels, learning software suits, collaborative suite and other classroom as well as campus productivity tools
Crown Technologies Offers teaching and learning content to schools from reputed national and international digital learning content providers
Digital Dreams Services to institutions are provided through surface independent touch interactive digital products
EdiQue Solutions Transforms the quality of the education to digital content with the global collaboration in learner centric technologies
iDream Education Helps schools setup Smart & Personalized Classrooms by using tablets in schools and app based learning at homes with connection to the teachers for reports and guidance
Infoavana Technologies Addresses business intelligent and technology enabled solutions across e-learning and educational sector
Inon Technologies Solutions for smartclass campus encompassing digital harware setup along withv mobile platforms and digital library for students, school management software are provided
NEXTGEN Nurtures an IT Skill development team that offers expertise across various domains like infrastructure management skills, cloud computing skills and IT Technology training