ParkingRhino: Mitigating Country's Parking Issues through a Geo-data Rich Platform

CIO Vendor Smart parking spaces have captured the imagination of entrepreneurs and business folks alike. The market is heavily under serviced, and innovations have been rare. One such rare, Bangalore headquartered Indian venture, ParkingRhino is a map-based Geo-navigation mobile app with two solutions for parking providers and parking users. It offers information parameters like parking space and capacity, hours of operation, and directs to services like car wash and valet. Vehicle owners are powered with ParkingRhino B2C mobile app to search for an available parking space within a city, paid and free. The app is provisioned to resolve parking space issues, irrespective of the parking policies and infrastructure. The mobile app offers users with a hyperlocal event listing like nearby Banks, ATMs, concerts, and weekend outdoor events. In a time frame of 120 seconds, this mobile app is programmed to digitize the most complex categories of unorganized parking space. They are also integrating their smart parking platform with leading smart city solutions from leading Enterprises.

Collecting Macro Data from Multiple Systems

Parking contractors and governments get a B2B mobile POS (Point of Sale) and SaaS management solution. Contractors can manage parking space remotely with auditing tools, revenue analytics and smart alerts with real-time information. With the smart city initiative on full spree, Indian government will need macro level data for smart deployments in parking and traffic space. ParkingRhino has the capability to provide such macro data for smart cities. Moreover, the app’s smart analytics dashboard helps urban planners
to get city wide macro level data about the statistics of vehicles getting parked, thereby collecting traffic data analytics for policy making. “First thing to digitize an industry is to enable the platform which can get the data and push the data from its systems”, says Tridib Konwar, CEO, ParkingRhino. Evidently, this SaaS based Parking platform is capable of integrating all the leading hardware, boom barriers, cameras, sensors, and IOT devices into one platform. All these data arriving from both B2B and B2C system creates a data platform for analyzing and data mining smart parking dashboard giving real world urban mobility’s solution.

The app isprovisioned to resolve parking spaceissues,irrespective of the parking policies and infrastructure

The Indian capital’s RTO registers 1600 vehicles every day with Pune adding 700 to the figure. With that many vehicles being added to roads at every day rate, it’s only obvious that vehicles spend 90 percent of the time being or searching space to be parked. Congestion and increased carbon emissions are just the by-products of inefficient parking systems; the real dilemma lies with the wastage of commuters’ time leading to loss of productivity, economic opportunities, and eventually inefficient city services. The founders of ParkingRhino, Tridib Konwar and Mriganka Deka, have taken heed to this growing necessity and have plans underway to go global with the SaaS Parking Management platform for all emerging markets. The goal is to analyze and track more real-time data for urban mobility solutions using crowd data sharing and technologies like NB-IoT sensors.